Governance Committees


     The special competence and special interests of each constituency in contributing to governance are recognized and provided for in the structure and processes of the system, with the understanding that specific constituency interests are subordinated to common, single college interests.
The essence of participatory governance is the collective action of governance committees in gathering relevant information, deliberating issues in the light of that information, and reaching reasoned recommendations.
Participatory governance requires the engagement of all constituent groups. It also excludes specific matters covered in contracts with bargaining agents of classes of employees. While the system is included by reference in such contracts, it should exist independently of these contracts. No particular contract should include governance procedures that are specific to any single constituent body.
Committees of governance function in an environment of mutual respect, good faith and commitment to the common interests of the single college. Through the president, they advise the administration, which remains responsible and accountable for implementation. Committee development and focus will fluctuate based on a consensus of the current college needs to be addressed.

Contract Committees

Contract Committees 2017-2018

2016-2017 Contract Committee Guidelines